Öryggismyndavél – Amcrest Ultra HD 4k (8mp) Dome Poe Ip Camera


Öryggið liggur í smáatriðunum

  • Mögnuð 8 megapixla Ultra HD upptaka
  • 4K @15fps
  • Bætt upptökuhæfni í lítilli birtu með nýjasta CMOS myndskynjaranum og chipsetti
  • 2,8 mm linsa með ofurvíðu 105 ° sjónarhorni.
  • Öflugar IR ljósdíóður fyrir 30m nætursjón
  • Widy Dynamic Range allt að 120dB
  • Styður allt að 256 GB MicroSD geymslu
  • IP67 veðurþétt myndavél
  • Spilar og tekur upp á fagmannlegan hátt á tölvu með Amcrest Surveillance Pro fyrir Windows og MAC (innifalið) eða Blue Iris Professional.
  • Virkar með Amcrest Cloud fjarstýringu á vídeói, MicroSD korti, Amcrest NVR, Synology og QNAP NAS, FTP, Pale Moon og Sea Monkey browsers, IE, Safari, Firefox 49.0 og Chrome með Amcrest Web View Extension.
  • Samhæft við eftirfarandi Amcrest tengikassa, ASIN: B0711CPL5Z, B07FK5T2NX, B071L2RDK2, B07FK83Z4Z
  • Fæst í svörtu og hvítu
  • H.265 Þjöppunartækni.
  • Mál: 11 x 11 x 8cm
  • Þyngd: 350 grömm


Vörunúmer: ip8m Flokkur:


Simple Power Over Ethernet Setup

Save your time with a simple setup process that can get you up and running on the Amcrest View mobile app in no time at all. You don’t have to be tech savvy to get setup quickly and painlessly. Simply power it on, download the app, scan the QR code, and within just a few taps you’re ready to go. Day to day operations are a breeze thanks to the simple interface which allows you to take advantage of the camera’s powerful features.



Superior HD 4K (8 Megapixel)

Featuring the latest Sony IMX274 progressive scanning image sensor and the Ambarella S3L33M Chipset, the Amcrest UltraHD camera soaks in the entire scene, dynamically painting all the vivid colors and rich imagery, pixel by pixel, onto your computer screen or smartphone in full 3840×2160 resolution. No need to strain your eyes, lean in close, or play the guessing game when you have this level of detail.



Cloud Video Storage

High definition recordings and snapshots are only as good as how quickly and easily they can be accessed. Amcrest Cloud was created to ensure that you don’t miss anything, no matter where you are. Regardless of how far you are from home, you can login from a computer (PC or Mac) or through the Amcrest Cloud smartphone app to instantly pinpoint your footage through an intelligent timeline on an intuitive interface and play it back in seamless and brilliant 4K quality. The Amcrest Cloud app also can be configured to send you on-the-go alerts. Additional 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day storage plans are available starting at $6 per month.



FTP, NVR & MicroSD Storage

In addition to Amcrest Cloud, the Amcrest UltraHD camera can also record to an FTP server, onto your local computer, to any Amcrest NVR (not included) or onto a MicroSD Card (Supports up to 256GB MicroSD Storage). You’ll have full control over your recordings and can manage them however you’d like.



Smart Motion Alerts

The Amcrest View Pro app frees you from having to check in just to find out what’s been happening lately. Instead, get immediate push notifications and alarm details sent to your smartphone while you’re on the go. Launch straight into the app, choose an event from the Event List, and jump right to the relevant recording or snapshot. Life doesn’t wait around, and neither should you.



Advanced Zone Detection

Create distinct motion detection zones to completely customize control over what you’re monitoring. This is an effective way to ensure that you only record what you need when its important. Each zone includes its own sensitivity and threshold meters so you can fine-tune it exactly to your liking. Let the Amcrest camera hold its focus so you don’t have to lose yours.



Intelligent Timeline Playback

Your stored recordings and pictures are precious, and having that data at hand is the whole point of using a security camera. Whether sharing with friends and family, or presenting evidence in a court case, it is important to be able to immediately identify, track down, playback, and export what you want, when you want it. The Amcrest camera’s intuitive searchable timeline will make your life easier, save you time, and act as a sophisticated built-in video player.



Infrared Night Vision

Cutting-edge night vision technology allows you to get a crystal clear picture even when it’s dark. This camera has 3 IR LEDs which transmit their infrared rays in a frequency imperceptible to the human eye. The IR lights cast brightly which provides an astounding 98 feet of night vision range. With this powerful feature, you can gain total awareness over the previously unseen and do so in a way that is undetectable.



Wide 105° Viewing Angle

A carefully crafted 2.8mm fixed lens with a max aperture of F2.0 generates striking visuals owing to the 105° viewing angle. With such a wide field of view you will have no problem keeping what you care about in your sights.



Secure SSL connections via HTTPS

The Amcrest UltraHD camera features secure SSL connections via HTTPS to comply with modern standards for encrypted connections. This way you can always be assured that, as you play your footage, you’re also playing it safe.




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